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What are the advantages to the
Pitch Count Watch?

  • Hands-free means you can maintain control of important pitch-counts without having to carry an item in your hands. This means you can still give signs, clap and do everything you're used to doing as a coach!
  • Multi-dimensional: Clock, Time and Date and Stopwatch!
  • Ever shown up at the park and forgotten your pitch-counting device? The Pitch Count Watch is less likely to get lost or forgotten.
  • Durable and attractive. You can wear this sports-watch year-round.
  • Tracks two pitchers simultaneously. Chimes at each important milestone.




"I never take it off. Now I always have my pitch-counter with me."

"I love having the stopwatch feature at my practices."

"I wish I'd had this five years ago. Great idea!"

"My son plays travel-ball on Sundays and now I know how many pitches he's thrown."


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